Advanced English Grammar in use

• 9 months
• Online
For students who are currently preparing for proficiency exams, IT professionals, and other categories of English learners who want to upgrade their level of English grammar and integrate their knowledge into practice

For whom is
this webinar?

The level of English needed for the webinar

For the trainees whose English is at least intermediate (B1)
Webinars take place online 2 times a week, each webinar lasts for 1 hour (60 minutes), overall: 8 webinars per month or 8 hours

The number of lessons and hours per week/month

The platforms used

The length of the course
9 months
The number of students in the group

Topics discussed
during the webinar

How English grammar works
The traditional and additional use of the Present Tenses
The traditional and additional use of the Past Tenses
Ways of expressing future in the English language
The sequence of tenses in the English language
• The Direct and the Indirect speech in English
• The Subjunctive mood in English
• Inversion in the English language
• The Gerund
• The Infinitive
• The Participle
• The modal verbs, equivalents, and modal words in the English language Introduction
• The function of Probability
• The function of Obligation and Advice
• The function of Physical ability
• The function of Criticism
• The Syntax of the English sentence
• The Punctuation of the English sentence
• The function of Permission
• The function of Request
• The function of Necessity
• The function of Willingness and refusal

What is going to happen
within 8 webinars each month?

  • We are going to work on one
    of the topics given above
    Moving from covering the theoretical rules and usage of the basic notions of English grammar to doing practical tasks to check your understanding of the peculiarities in the target language meaning. All tasks contain the keys, so you will be able to check yourself before an open class discussion during which I’m always ready to provide more personalized feedback and answer all your questions.
  • One more advantage of attending this webinar
    Is the possibility to develop your speaking skills by way of integrating what you have learnt so far into your speaking. This is done by participating in different games designed to facilitate the use of the target language in your everyday speech. Not only will you acquire theoretical knowledge, but start using more advanced grammar structures in practice!


paid in advance
before the 1st lesson
of each month
39 per month

Some bonuses for your loyalty:
Bring a friend and get a 20%-month discount!
Some bonuses for your loyalty:
Bring a friend and get a 20%-month discount!

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