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According to statistics only 30% of test takers pass proficiency exams on the first try? Furthermore, recent research indicates that more candidates fail to meet their band score goals rather than achieve them!

Do you
know that...

This, in its turn, leads to the lack of confidence, constant fear of failure, panic, and, more importantly, a loss of hope to realize your burning ambitions to live, study or work abroad. On top of that, the chances to fail again and not to get a B2/C1 certificate really increase after each unsuccessful attempt.
70% of IT professionals who have developed strong technical skills are not able to get the job of their dream and double or even triple their income only because of the fact that they don’t have enough knowledge of the English language and are simply afraid to apply for more prestigious or better-paid jobs in foreign companies.

In fact, it’s possible
to rise to these challenges!

And succeed in getting the necessary score fast enough as well as to upgrade the level of your English to move abroad or just work for
an international company, which has already been proved by the results of my students!

I am Yuliya Dyshleva

An exam trainer (IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, FCE) and online tutor
of the English language

20+ years in ELT

15 years of teaching future teachers and technical translators of the English language in higher educational establishments: more than 1000 students taught, more than 100 students successfully prepared for proficiency exams

a PhD degree in Pedagogy

CELTA and DELTA holder

The author of 15 articles in scientific journals of how to teach technical English online
You are bound to succeed,
as I can guarantee you:
A well-organized learning process
Courses tailored to your specific needs
Regular mock tests for exam trainees
Individualized preparation for each lesson
Extensive error analyses
Regular feedback on your progress
The essential integration of grammar and lexis
An adequate number of hours and length of the courses
A small number of students
in mini-groups
Free webinars on peculiarities
of the English language

One-to-one lessons




Choose the most convenient way and
let’s start our lesson!

Online courses

English for
IT professionals

The 9 months course
€180 / month

IELTS express
in mini groups

The 5 months course
€299 / month

in mini groups

The 9 months course
€199 / month

in mini groups

The 9 months course
€199 / month

in mini groups

The 9 months course
€199 / month

Advanced English Grammar in use

The 9 months webinar
€39 / month

Business English in mini groups

The 9 months course
€180 / month

One-to-one lessons

Online 2 times a week
from €360 / month
from my students
Arthur Andros
The English for IT professionals course student
Fascinating and non-trivial topics of speaking lessons!
Excellent grammar explanations! The unusual way of working with new vocabulary using modern teaching techniques!
Sofia Prilipka
The TOEFL course student
Julia is an amazing person and a hard-working tutor!
She always made sure that our lessons were as productive as possible, keeping me engaged. Her program was so well-thought that the test preparation didn’t cause me too much worries. TOEFL is certainly not an easy exam to take, but Julia made me prepared, so I didn’t have any problems. Be ready to work hard and you will be satisfied with your result!
Oleksandra Vyazmitinova
the IELTS course student
I am very fond of the IELTS preparation course with Julia, it was smartly structured to the point that it covered all the issues I struggled with. Julia is a hardworking and demanding teacher who helped me achieve my goals in mastering English and eventually I scored band 8!
Daria Dubovaya
The CAE course student
Two years ago I prepared for CAE with Julia and I can tell you without any doubts that she is very good at her job. All our lessons were fascinating and useful. She paid attention to details and helped me achieve my goals!
I really appreciate being her student and I absolutely recommend Julia as a tutor to everyone who really wants to know English.
Olena Vyazmitinova
 The IELTS course student
I took the IELTS preparation course and scored 7 after the first attempt!
At first I struggled the most with the writing section because of the lack of practice. Julia helped me broaden my vocabulary and work on my weak points. Overall, the course was really exciting and practical.
Mariya Zarichkova
The FCE course student
Yuliya is highly qualified teacher with a clear plan of work and a path to success. I would especially like to point out 100% efficiency and an individual approach to each student.
Particularly impressive is the creative way of planning lessons as well as the interesting selection of materials for each class. I fully recommend courses with Yuliya to everyone who wants to prepare for professional exams of all types: TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, etc. She is a really cool teacher who can always make you fall in love with English!
Kate Logacheva
The one-to-one lessons taker
I have been taking one-to-one lessons from Yuliya and it’s been great experience. She’s a great teacher. Her manner of teaching is comfortable and productive. Her lessons are very useful. If you’re looking for a perfect English teacher, Yuliya is the best one!
Aleksandr and Viktoriya Gumenyuk 
The one-to-one lessons takers
We want to thank Yuliya Vladimirovna for the General English course! When we started learning English with Yuliya we did it from scratch! Yuliya usually presents the information in such a way that it’s easy to remember and you’ll never forget what you’ve learnt! Thanks for teaching us!
Darina Kosinova
The IELTS course student, the one-to-one lessons taker
Excellent and demanding teacher!
Always ready to discipline and motivate you to achieve your goals.

A real professional! One of the best things is that everything is studied and memorized during the lesson, so there is no need to learn vocab by heart at home.

I’ve been collaborating with Yuliya for more than 5 years and succeeded in passing IELTS two times (score 7), learning Business and Legal English. Strongly recommend!
Vita Starovaya
the Business English course student
I really liked Julia’s modern and systematic approach.

From the first lessons I felt the depth of the subject and liked the advanced business English vocabulary we learnt. The teacher is very attentive, every mistake is noticed and worked on. All topics discussed during the course can be used in a business environment, enriching the language immensely.

I liked the fact that Yuliya makes the tasks more difficult with each new lesson, which encourages self-improvement.

I discovered progressive methods of learning languages, namely, games. It was really funny! This form of learning allowed me to remember new words in a very short period of time.

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